Custom Shopify theme created using Webflow,  seamlessly converted into a fully functional Shopify store for a smooth, safe and user-friendly shopping experience.

Unlimited products
Shopify, doesn’t restrict you to the number of products you can display on your Shopify store. Robust inventory management system makes it easy to track, view, and adjust your product stock.
Expand store’s functionality
If you’re looking for features that will improve your customer experience, look no further than Shopify’s 6,000 apps. Shopify’s apps are focused on helping ecommerce businesses succeed.
Scale your online store
Aiming to build a recognizable ecommerce brand? You can count on Shopify to offer you the tools and support you need. Shopify stores are scalable, meaning you can start out small and grow into an enterprise-level.
Improve payment experience
Shopify offers its own payment processor, Shopify Payments, making it easy to conduct business. Because Shopify Payments is a core aspect of the Shopify platform, it has simpler activation and no transaction fees.

Run a reliable Shopify store with the power of Webflow

Let's enjoy full content control in Shopify while retaining the design freedom of Webflow. Build your next-level Shopify store with us using the powerful Webflow-Liquify-Shopify threesome.
We use Webflow for timeless design and freedom, combining it with the complete Shopify Liquid Library and leveraging the powerful Shopify CMS.
Uplift in conversionrate
With the use of the right structure and the application of the proper approach.
Higher pagespeed
Compared to other tools on the market, when utilized with Webflow-Liquify-Shopify, our approach stands out for its effectiveness and versatility.

Why do the best brands choose Shopify?

Mobile app
Shopify offers a mobile app that lets you manage products, orders, customers, and staff from your iPhone or Android.
Detailed reports
Shopify offers access to a variety of performance reports, such as product reports, finance reports, and many more.
Various marketing tools
Shopify offers a range of marketing tools to help you provide an excellent shopping experience to your customers.
Product launches
Shopify has the ability to handle large traffic spikes with reliable uptime and hosting. Millions of merchants worldwide rely on Shopify to keep their stores operational.
24/7 customer support
Shopify offers excellent support via email, phone, and chat, 24/7.
International expansion
Shopify  scaling its resources for global commerce. Merchants can offer a smooth buying experience to local customers with localized stores and multiple currencies.

Frequently asked questions

Need help with something? Here are our most frequently asked questions.
What kind of e-commerce sites can you do?

We're prepared to take on a wide range of e-commerce projects. We are able to create a small e-shop with a few products or a more sophisticated e-shop with multiple items, regardless of the type of product you are selling – whether it's clothing, cosmetics, or technological products.

What makes you stand out?

From the beginning, we incorporate brand identity into the design without being constrained by technical limitations of templates. Our stores are completely customized to reflect the essence of the brand, leading to industry-leading conversion rates. We look after our Shopify customers on a long-term basis and optimize shops holistically over the long term.

What is included?

Our solution includes everything you need for a smooth and efficient launch of your ecommerce website.

We'll be with you at every step – from brainstorming ideas, creating wireframes and final designs to developing your website with Webflow and transforming it into a fully functional Shopify theme.

We take the time to understand your business goals, ensuring that the final result not only meets your needs but also accurately reflects your brand.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our e-commerce solution will vary based on what needs to be done and how much customization is required. Once we have a clear understanding of your project requirements, we will give you a detailed proposal and estimate of the cost. Get a quote.

Can you provide maintenance?

After your website is launched, we provide continuous support and maintenance. You can find additional information about our flexible maintenance agreements here. Alternatively, you have the choice to personally handle the ongoing maintenance and updates yourself.

Do I need a paid Webflow hosting plan?

You don't actually need a paid hosting plan for Webflow. Your e-commerce website will be hosted directly on the Shopify platform.

Where do I edit the content of the store?

Content editing occurs within Shopify. You have the flexibility to determine where and how the content is populated.

Will my Shopify apps work?

Yes, you will have a fully functional theme that meets the standards of Shopify e-commerce, allowing you to seamlessly integrate apps from the Shopify app store.

Is Shopify a reputable company?

Shopify is undoubtedly a renowned company with a very good reputation in the e-commerce industry. With its headquarters in Canada, it was launched in 2006 by German Tobias Lütke.

It serves as a platform not only for small and medium-sized businesses, but also has well-known major clients such as Tesla and Google. In 2022, Shopify reported an impressive revenue of around $6 billion and a market capitalization of around $60 billion.

For which companies is Shopify worthwhile?

In principle, Shopify is recommended for any e-commerce company. There are suitable plans for the respective company size. Shopify Plus is worthwhile from a turnover of around €750 thousand per year. Otherwise, we recommend the smaller plans.

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